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Practicing Radical Acceptance
This month the EAP wants to help USPS employees and their families prioritize mental wellness by focusing on the concept of radical acceptance. This concept means fully accepting reality as it is, without judgment or resistance. Radical acceptance involves recognizing emotional distress and practicing wholehearted acceptance in order to overcome suffering. In difficult situations, this practice can significantly improve emotional well-being. Visit our Monthly Focus page to learn more.
Tools to Build a Better You
Your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers resources designed to help you overcome life challenges that affect your health, family life or job performance. The following tools can help you and your loved ones begin to address those challenges:
Face-to-face Counseling
Video Counseling
Health & Wellness
Telephonic Counseling
EAP Orientations
“In the Moment” Support
Suicide Prevention
Web-based Tools
Work Life Balance
Preparing for Retirement
Online Therapy
Coaching & Training
Critical Incident Response
Elder and Childcare

A Brief Video Overview of the USPS Employee Assistance Program

Assistance from Anywhere

With the EAP mobile app we offer one more way for USPS employees and your family to quickly access employee assistance resources. Visit this webpage ( on your smartphone and you will be prompted to save the app to your phone's home screen. It's that simple! For more information or help downloading the app to your phone give us a call.

Online & Video Counseling

Whatever you're going through, we're here to help. USPS employees and their families can access professional counseling anytime, anywhere, through a computer, tablet or smartphone. By removing location and scheduling barriers, you have greater flexibility and more options when it comes to providers.

To get started, call your EAP at 800-327-4968 (800-EAP-4YOU) to get connected to the service that makes the most sense for you.

A Highly Interactive, Individually-tailored App
Opioid Recovery
36 diverse tools feature educational, personalized and interactivities, all promote self-discovery & personal inspiration
Step-by-step, cognitive behavioral therapy helps with mood and depression management
Interactive tracking, individualized sleep plans, daily resources and a sleep library to ensure a solid night’s rest
Mindfulness & Meditation
Over 50 activities, including a 5-day challenge that helps build a personalized focus on mindfulness
In-the-moment coping skills to reduce panic and prevent excessive, future worry using mindfulness and CBT tools
Positive psychology and mindfulness strategies for handling workplace or personal stress
Substance Use
Builds awareness of usage patterns with in depth, relapse prevention for a powerful recovery experience
Chronic Pain
Peer-led strategies for coping with pain, managing opioid use and creating positive interaction with care teams
Balancing Emotions
Activities based in Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help manage emotions, get along with others and increase life enjoyment
Additional Topics
myStrength empowers individuals by supporting the physical and mental aspects of whole person health

Advisory Committee
Committee members are the eyes and ears of the Employee Assistance Program from a local perspective. This well-prepared, focused team takes on challenges that impact their district to improve the lives of employees and families.

Military Members and Veterans

The Employee Assistance Program is honored to provide services to all USPS employees including military members, veterans and their families. Along with the Postal Service, the EAP values the leadership, reliability, loyalty and integrity of service members and is proud to support and assist in helping them achieve personal and professional goals. Visit our resource library to learn more.


Stay Connected

Connecting with your family, community and co-workers promotes health and well-being. Hobbies, volunteer work and strong social ties help give individuals the ability to manage other stresses in life. Empower yourself by staying connected.

Supporting You on All Platforms
The USPS Employee Assistance Program has resources designed to help you overcome life's challenges. Explore the variety of ways to access the tools and services we offer to help you live a more balanced and healthy life.
Register for Live Webinars
Web-based videos connecting an audience of viewers and listeners from all over. Explore topics from emotional intelligence to navigating personal challenges.

Find Your Consultant or Clinician
Would you like to know who your USPS EAP Consultant or Clinician is and where their office is located? Click here to find the licensed professional in your district.

Chat with Us Live
Want to learn more? Set up a chat to find support and answers to your questions. Available 6:00 am to 7:00 pm CT Monday – Friday.

Search and Connect to Support is a user friendly app connecting visitors to a curated database of resources in your area. Follow the link below to enter your zipcode and search for support.
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