USPS Employee Assistance Program    |    800-327-4968  (800-EAP-4YOU)    |    TTY: 877-492-7341
Critical Incident Response (CIR)

At times in life a crisis may occur and the USPS Employee Assistance Program will be there to help employees through it. It may be the death of a coworker or family member, a natural disaster or any trauma that may affect the person deeply. When it affects the person’s ability to cope effectively, the EAP will be there to help guide the person back to a “new normal.”

CIR services come in several forms:

Individual consultations
Group sessions
Presentations on how to recover from trauma
Referrals to the EAP
Long term counseling

In a crisis your EAP will provide the necessary education, support and trauma counseling to help you re-establish feelings of security, control and normalcy as quickly as possible.

800-327-4968 (800-EAP-4YOU)
TTY: 877-492-7341

EAP professionals offer counseling, consultation and coaching services to assist you in effectively managing the challenges you face. Whether your concerns stem from economic uncertainty, community unrest, inclement weather or another source, your EAP is here for you. Click the button below to find resources regarding current events that may be impacting your life.

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