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LGBTQI+ Community

During the month of June, we join together with others to recognize Pride Month, a time to reflect on the impact Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersexed (LGBTQI+) people have had in the world. The LGBTQI+ community encompasses a wide range of individuals with separate and overlapping challenges regarding their mental health. Confronting these challenges and mental health symptoms with an LGBTQI+-inclusive mental health provider can lead to better outcomes. The following materials have been created to assist the LGBTQI+ community and their loved ones in leading a healthier life:

The LGBTQI+ community represents a diverse range of identities and expressions of gender and sexual orientation. In addition to these identities, members of the community are diverse in terms of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality and socioeconomic class. This intersectionality — the combined and overlapping aspects of a person's identity — brings diversity of thought, perspective, understanding and experience. This complexity is important to understand as a unique and valuable aspect of the LGBTQI+ community that can result in a strong sense of pride and resiliency.

While belonging to the LGBTQI+ community can be a source of strength, it also brings unique challenges. For those who identify as LGBTQI+ and those close to them, it’s important to recognize how sexual orientation and gender identity relates to your mental health.

To learn more and access additional tools and resources designed to assist the LGBTQI+ community and those who care about them, visit our Health Resource Library:

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