Emotional Intelligence

Although it comes more naturally to some, the good news is that we can increase our Emotional Intelligence (EI) if we’re willing to put in the work. The following materials have been developed to help you identify and regulate your emotions and understand the emotions of others. We also encourage employees to reach out to the EAP anytime for support building Emotional Intelligence.

With everything currently going on in the world, now is a good time to build Emotional Intelligence in order to help you face challenges presented by COVID-19 and navigating change in the USPS workplace.

Your EAP is here to offer counseling, consultation and coaching services to assist you in effectively managing yourself as well as others. Whether your concerns stem from COVID-19, economic uncertainty, community unrest, inclement weather or another source, your EAP is here for you. Visit the links below to find more information regarding current events that may be impacting your employees.

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