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Periodic blue moods, grief from loss, or mild sadness are normal occurrences. When these feelings become more intense and last longer, it could bes a sign of more serious depression. Difficult life events, family history, genetics, severe stress, trauma, major loss and excess alcohol or drug use can all lead to a higher risk of depression which doesn’t lift and may require counseling and/or medication.

Depression can be treated successfully. Here is a simple quiz that will help you to make some initial decisions about next steps. You may want to speak to a professional about your symptoms.

1. I have seen a steady change in my appetite and eating patterns, such as a loss of appetite or eating much more than normal.   Yes  |  No  
2. I have lost interest in activities that I typically enjoy.   Yes  |  No  
3. Sometimes I just feel like crying.   Yes  |  No  
4. I am having difficulty with my sleep, e.g., sleeping too much, awakening very early in the morning and/or having difficulty falling and staying asleep.   Yes  |  No  
5. I have had more thoughts about dying and suicide.   Yes  |  No  
6. Sometimes I feel as if people would be better off without me in their lives.   Yes  |  No  
7. I feel as if I have very little energy.   Yes  |  No  
8. I am having more difficulty concentrating on things.   Yes  |  No  
9. I have little interest in sexual intimacy.   Yes  |  No  
10. I get much more irritable or angry at things lately.   Yes  |  No  
11. The future seems bleak to me.   Yes  |  No  

If you have answered “Yes” to 3 or more of the questions above, there is a chance you may be experiencing some type of depression. However, even one “Yes” answer could signal a serious depression that requires professional help.

There are different types of depression and different levels of severity. Obtaining an accurate diagnosis from a professional is a necessary first step in order to match an appropriate treatment.

This self-assessment quiz is not a diagnostic tool. It is simply one way to help you to begin thinking about your current mood and symptoms. We urge you to share your responses with a licensed professional. Reach out to the USPS Employee Assistance Program today.

Health Assessments

The USPS EAP offers a wide body of health assessments for all Postal Service employees and family members. From depression and drug abuse screenings to fitness and overall wellness assessments, we have tools and resources available in our Health Resource Library to help identify areas that could possibly benefit from EAP assistance. For more health assessments follow the link below.

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